National Siblings Day

Hi guys!

You know on Jointly we need a post specific to National Siblings Day. We are all about the family and the sissys. Mostly because we are obsessed with one another. But obsession and blog aside, having a sister is probably the greatest part of my life. To have someone I can always count on, who is always a phone call/text message/FaceTime/ping away, who can advise me on everything from my manicure color to my job search is straight up…amazing, for lack of a better word.

A & I always tease our mom about how she missed out on such a huge part of life since she doesn’t have a sister. She gets all choked up and teary-eyed because I think she knows that teasing aside, there’s some truth behind it. I think every girl needs a sister. A god-given best friend. That’s cheesy, but whatever it’s true.

(I can’t say much about brother-sister relationships right now. But maybe in the next few years I’ll have more insight and be able to gush about that too since the A & A wedding just around the corner).

Anyways, A, I want to take a quick second out of my super insane day to thank you for being the biggest piece of my life. I literally cannot imagine what life would be like without you. Thank you for always letting me tag along and piggy back on your plans, whether it was a picnic with friends in high school, or following you around at Mother, I always feel welcome. I know you attribute it to me being cool enough to hang out with you (and your friends), but really it’s because you were cool enough to bring your sister along and not give a sh*t what anyone else had to say. I was just reflecting on some of our hugely embarrassing but fond memories yesterday and all I can say is…get ready for the best and most humiliating wedding speech ever.

Love you so so SO much. Can’t wait till we (somehow) end up in the same city.


P.S. Sorry for posting this without a heads-up or approval, but I wanted the element of surprise on my side. You’ll probably text me in 30 minutes being like “Awww, love you. But here’s the list of typos I found….”.

P.P.S. Mom, stop crying. We love you enough, you don’t need a sister.

P.P.P.S. Dad, we love you too so stop feeling left out.

P.P.P.P.S. Meeri, we love you too. You’re like the dog sister we couldn’t have been born with because that’s biologically impossible.