Where to begin on the topic of Mothers.

And not Mother like the company I work for, though it’s pretty cool to work for a company that’s all about “making your Mother proud.” Especially on Mother’s Day. When we have the day off. Awesome, right?



K and I are in constant awe of our Mother. Whether it’s Mothers Day or not, obviously. She is incredible. She managed to be a wonderful Mom, even though she was 21 (yes, just legal drinking age. Remember what you were doing at that age? Or… do you not even remember?) when I surprised her and came into this world. She had just moved to the US, far away from her parents in India, to marry my dad. They lived in the attic of my grandparent’s house in Cleveland, and my dad worked and went to school, while she single-handedly took care of me (and maybe even my grandparents, a bit).


She is the most positive, strong, and independent women I have ever met. And I’ve met a lot of amazing women.

Thank you, Mom, for giving K and I such an amazing life. For keeping our secrets, for making us laugh until we’re crying, and wiping our tears when they’re not happy ones. Thanks for always making us a cup of chai when we get home after a long flight, or drive, regardless of the time, and always drinking one with us. Thanks for dictating the same recipe for me 45 times, and still putting up with me when I call you 15 times while I’m cooking. Thanks for showing us that Motherhood isn’t scary, and that being a Mom doesn’t mean you lose yourself. Thanks for showing us what an amazing daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, wife, and friend looks like. Not saying we’re the bees-knees or anything, but who knows what kind of crazies we’d be if you weren’t our Mom. So thank you. For everything, and more than that. And more than that.

And to everyone out there – we know our mom is gorgeous. But thanks for reminding us. We promise to never wonder “WHAT ABOUT ME?” and just accept that our Mom is the prettiest Gautam Girl.

Love you until the end of time, Mom.

A & K