Gautam Girl Reunion


Once again, I’m swamped with exams, work, interviews, volunteering, and every other thing under the sun. And despite my pretty blah Spring Break (that I already vented to you guys about), there was one (literally, just one…well aside from the obvious seeing my parents, eating my mom’s food, and rolling around with my doggy) silver lining.

A few weeks before break I decided that I wanted to do something special for all of the Gautam Girls (so, on the Gautam side of the family there are no boys. There’s me and A, and then our cousins S, M, and…we’ll call her N since A is already taken and we never call her by her name anyways). We are rarely all together these days so every time we are, I think it deserves to be celebrated.

With the wedding quickly approaching, I realized that this would be one of the last times all of us are truly “Gautam Girls.” So I started thinking what I could do for all of us that would be cute and worthy of a photoshoot (because what girl doesn’t love a photoshoot). So, here’s what I did…



Excuse the excessive faces. N gave us all a lesson on “the werk face.” It’s kind of sad when you’re the lame older cousin who doesn’t know things.

But honestly, there’s no time like Gautam Girl time. And I’m so excited to rep the Gautam’s no matter where I am with these bomb beanies.

Happy Tuesday, guys.