It’s been just about a week since we got the call from our parents about our cousin’s passing. The last week has been heavy, hard, and deeply sad. Our parents had the opportunity to drive down to Rochester, MN, and spend time with the rest of the family. We had uncles and aunts fly in from India. The support and togetherness must have helped – as much as it could.

K and I had a tough time coping on our own. We weren’t surrounded by family. We couldn’t even be together. But I know K got some amazing support on her end (thanks for that), and besides my fiancé, who I’m convinced is the best comfort-er, having a little puppy to snuggle with and keep my heart warm didn’t hurt.

Fiancé and I have had Kingston for just about 10 days now. He is a handful (I can’t say I wasn’t warned), but he’s getting better. Once he stops chewing my amazing coffee table, and ripping apart my beautiful bamboo footstool, I’m sure I’ll think he’s a perfect angel. For now, though, he’s just like a baby. Can’t control his bladder, getting into mischief, making himself at home, and really owning the role as his human parent’s boss. He’s finally sleeping through the night (rejoice!), but gets so lonely during the work day. We have an amazing dog walker that comes and plays with him during the day – he can’t go outside for another month until he gets his shots – and is working on training him a bit.

The best thing about Kingston, though, is he is so incredibly loving. Already. He loves to snuggle, it makes his day when we pick him up and hold him, and he’s really trying to be a good boy – for the most part. And the emotional support he gives – not even kidding – is wonderful and kind of mind-boggling. Here are some pictures of our first pit stop together 🙂


The Gautam and Pai sisters are all coming to town this weekend, so Kingston will finally get to meet some of his aunts (still eagerly waiting to meet his M Aunt and A Aunt), and his baby cousins. We’re hoping he’s on his best (and cutest) behavior.

Look forward to sharing everything we do this weekend when we’re all together. Looking forward to some quality family time.

Hugs & love, A