The Importance of “I Love You”

I was never the type of person to constantly distribute “I love you’s.” I always took love very very seriously. Reserving it for moments when I was overwhelmed with emotion, and for people who I knew, without a single doubt in my mind, that I loved.

But over the past few years, I’ve noticed myself using it a lot more often. I don’t know what shifted in me, but suddenly I say it every time I hang up the phone with my family (we weren’t always the mushy type), I say it to my fiancé throughout the day (and now to our puppy, too!), I sign off text message exchanges by saying it to my close friends.
Because why not? Why not let people know you love them? Of course love comes in varying degrees, and there may be moments when the people you love don’t deserve your love. But it’s always always better to over-say it (not to the boy you met 48 hours ago – unless it’s really truly that epic – but you know what I mean). It’s always better for people to know that someone loves them. You never know with life.
This week, we lost a member of our family. And as I was reminiscing about all of the times we had spent together, I realized that I had never told him I loved him. How could I not have told him that? He was part of my family. And family is built squarely on love. How could it be that we had hardly spoken in the last year? Was I really that busy that I couldn’t pick up the phone? Or at the least shoot him a text, email, Facebook message?
People often say that you’ve got to have something taken away in order to understand how much it meant to you. But I say eff that philosophy. Relish what you have all the damn time. Think about it, appreciate it, and say it, for God’s sake.
Love you all,