The Cliché Post About Your 20s

So, by now we are all (maybe) growing a bit tired from the stress society puts on the twenties. You know how “the terrible twos” used to be a thing where toddlers go totally crazy and wreck havoc? Well, I sometimes feel like social media makes the twenties out to be equally as terrible.

We all use our twenties as an excuse to not have our shit together because hey, Thought Catalog told us that it’s totally okay and normal! We should experiment with unknown substances and well, even unknown people because we’re only in our twenties!


I couldn’t disagree more. Your twenties aren’t just for trial and error, for failure and embarrassingly drunk nights. They’re a period of growth. But smart growth. It’s a decade of discovery (note: not “the” because honestly, I don’t think discovery, whether it be self-discovery or not, ever really ends). It’s the time to get to know yourself so that later on in life no one can push you around and make you doubt what you already know. Why are all these sites and blogs making excuses for our dumb mistakes rather than giving us advice on how to get what we want without taking the long, messy route?

Refinery 29 published a post titled How To Get Through Your Twenties, Sanity Intact. While it was a great read and filled with awesome advice from total badass women, I was almost offended. Why would you even suggest that just because I’m twenty-two years old, I’ve lost my sanity, morals, and probably six iPhones (the latter may actually be true)?

You know what, guys? I’m twenty-two and I know exactly what I want from life. And I didn’t need six years of keg stands, shady boyfriends, and occasional F’s to get me there.

So here’s to us. The people in their twenties who may not have it all, but still have their “shit” together and the confidence to have it all someday very soon.

Lots of love,



College is Over!

Hi guys!

I know, I know, it’s been a while since our last post and even longer since my last post. I’m sorry, I feel like a total failure and like I’ve abandoned my Jointly dreams. Don’t worry! A & I are still madly obsessed with one another and our sisterhood and I’m not leaving my blogging dreams to die. I’ve just been insanely busy ya know, finishing college.

I just took my last final (maybe ever) and I’m officially done with undergrad!


I’ve always been the type of person who’s ready for what’s next. And don’t get me wrong, I am definitely ready for the next step. I’m super excited to have my future confirmed in the next few weeks (hopefully) and be working and living in the city, spending time with all my friends, without the stress of 12AM deadlines. But today I wanted to take some time to reflect and just bask in the glory that is undergrad.


I’ll be honest, I’m not always 100% sold on the fact that I made the right choice for undergrad. I’ve had my fair share of hating Loyola, crying to my mom, and saying “whatever, I’m over it” (I was never truly over it because I’m a total nerd who needs to study for every single 5 point quiz). Looking back I realized that, shit…I had a great time. And it’s Chicago (and this gorgeous view, and my amazing friends) that made my choice and college career so totally worth it.

So here’s to us, guys. Twenty-two year olds, done with college, and ready for round two with the best city in the world.



P.S. Yes, I made one of my best friends, R, have a post finals photoshoot with me. No I’m not ashamed.

Spring Break 2014

SB2014 – rage time!

But actually…

As a 22-year-old and a second semester senior in college, you’d think Spring Break means a trip to somewhere warm, a lot of half-naked (I actually feel like they’re usually three-fourths naked…) people, too much booze, and little-to-no (or negative) responsibility.


Instead, my last break ever had been dulled by adulthood. I have been looking forward to Spring Break for at least a month now. Coming home is always my favorite. Lazing around with my doggy, chit chatting with my rents, and eating home-cooked food is the best. I didn’t even mind that I hadn’t planned a vacation with any of my friends because to me, nothing is better than some good ol’ time at home. I really need this down time after a super stressful month. I was so excited about it that I even made a Facebook status about it. You know shit is a big deal when I make a Facebook status about it.

I was expecting the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. Instead? Instead I got days of stress over upcoming exams, job searching, wedding planning (not that I don’t love to do it and help out A, but wedding planning is not relaxing, nor is it as glamours as JLo makes it look), and even trying to find the perfect workout schedule (if you know me you know how much this must truly…suck…for lack of a better word).

My conclusion? Adulthood is a place with no breaks. Downtime is rare. And even when you have it, it, all too often, is disrupted. Obligations and responsibilities can only be put on the back burner for a short period of time. And that…for a lack of a better word (again)…sucks.


Take me back to my childhood! 😦