#ambishek [wedding photos]

I got a really special birthday treat yesterday. Twelve hundred vibrant, detailed, smile and laugh-inducing wedding pictures from our photographers at Making the Moment. Mr. P and I had the best time going through them last night – remembering the details that had fallen away as more and more epic moments took their place. But moments that, in retrospect, made the weekend all the more special, and all the more ours. We have about 450 photos that we’ll be sharing on Facebook, but for those of you that prefer brevity, and just want a quick synopsis, here you are!

I know we’ve said this 100 times (and we’ll be saying it once more when you finally get our thank you cards…), but our friends and family couldn’t have made the weekend any better. Thank you.



















Adventures in September

Well well,

It’s been quite a while since our last post. As usual, things have been moving at the speed of light, leaving Jointly a little bit behind. But, we’re here to catch you all up on the Gautam (-Pai) adventures!

This past weekend I (K) was in NYC celebrating A’s birthday with her. The weekend was chock-full of awesome places, wonderful people, and a lot of fun.

On Friday Mr. P and I (K, again!) slowly made our way to Gotham West Market where we grubbed on…well, an excessive amount of junk food that we’d rather not disclose. And then, we did something that was sort of a big deal…

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

K signed her first official (real adult) job offer! Next Monday I (K) will be starting my advertising career at FCB Chicago (formerly known as Draft FCB). The funny thing is, this is the same company and the exact same position where A started her career. Yet another similarity! And some pretty big shoes to fill.

On Friday evening we celebrating the big job acceptance with a few bottles of Rose on A&A’s rooftop, and then headed to dinner at Nizza – a very gluten-free friendly (and DELICIOUS) Italian restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen. Cue more wine, cheese, meats, and pastas, and we were completely fooded out.

On Saturday we ventured over to Williamsburg to look at A & A’s new apartment and familiarize ourselves with the area. Our first stop was obviously Primp & Polish, because it’s not a Gautam Girl weekend without a manicure. I would say it was probably the best manicure I’ve ever gotten. And A’s is probably the wackiest she’s ever gotten (hint: It’s lime green – quite a departure from her usual neutrals).

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After some pampering, we grabbed a quick lunch at The Meatball Shop, one of our usual favorites, and then headed over to see A & A’s new place (which may just become the only place either of us are motivated to use the gym)!

Despite a few encounters with some sour people (from which we surmised that perhaps people in Brooklyn may actually be more stuck up than folks in Manhattan), we had a great time exploring A&A’s new hood.

Saturday night, Mr. P planned a little family dinner for us and the Koitas at Pera Soho. Sadly, it was raining so we couldn’t take full advantage of the gorgeous garden seating, but we had a ton of awesome Mediterranean food and some delicious cocktails. After dinner, we headed to A’s party. She wanted to keep it low key this year, so she hosted it at a Jazz Lounge called B Flat in Tribeca. She had the greatest time – it was clear to everyone who attended. Lots of friends, laughs, and glasses of champagne. What else could a woman ask for?

On Sunday, I (K) got some time to see two of my closest friends who just recently moved to NYC. We grabbed dinner at Bea and then hung around, catching up, exchanging stories about jobs, cities, our moms, and life in general. The atmosphere was amazing for an intimate meet up with close friends.


The next few weeks will be even crazier than the last few. With two big moves, one big job, and lots of work in between, we’re going to have our hands full. But looking forward to sharing many more adventures as our lives take steps in new directions. It’s going to be a great Fall.

Jointly yours,

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetAnd yay, sisterhood!

A & K

Family Friday

To get started on the structural changes we promised last week, we wanted to dedicate this Friday to family. 

Over the last month, we were lucky enough to spend a ton of time with our extended family. People came from near and far to A’s wedding, and literally treated her wedding with such an immense amount of importance. It was as if their own daughter was getting married. Our house doors were constantly swinging open as more and more family members piled in to join the festivities. And while family has always been a huge part of who we are, and a huge part of Jointly, after this summer we’re speechless at the amount of love and support we received. 

Yesterday, we watched as our final houseguests, our maternal grandparents, Nani and Nanoo, packed up and headed back to India. 

As you get older and move further and further away from your where you grew up, you learn to really treasure the time you have with your family. Of course, it’s not always so sweet. There are ups and downs, highs and lows. For example: K’s three day freakout about needing to turn the security system off because the constant in-and-out of our family members was interfering with her precious eight (eleven?) hours of sleep.

But coming home to a full house, being surrounded by people who love you (and who you love back), and always having someone to drink a piping hot cup of chai with, regardless of the hour, is unbeatable. 

So thank you, to everyone for such a memorable summer. Love you all. 


Nanoo doing America right. Photo credit to our uncle, Gagan.

Jointly yours,

A & K

National Siblings Day

Hi guys!

You know on Jointly we need a post specific to National Siblings Day. We are all about the family and the sissys. Mostly because we are obsessed with one another. But obsession and blog aside, having a sister is probably the greatest part of my life. To have someone I can always count on, who is always a phone call/text message/FaceTime/ping away, who can advise me on everything from my manicure color to my job search is straight up…amazing, for lack of a better word.

A & I always tease our mom about how she missed out on such a huge part of life since she doesn’t have a sister. She gets all choked up and teary-eyed because I think she knows that teasing aside, there’s some truth behind it. I think every girl needs a sister. A god-given best friend. That’s cheesy, but whatever it’s true.

(I can’t say much about brother-sister relationships right now. But maybe in the next few years I’ll have more insight and be able to gush about that too since the A & A wedding just around the corner).

Anyways, A, I want to take a quick second out of my super insane day to thank you for being the biggest piece of my life. I literally cannot imagine what life would be like without you. Thank you for always letting me tag along and piggy back on your plans, whether it was a picnic with friends in high school, or following you around at Mother, I always feel welcome. I know you attribute it to me being cool enough to hang out with you (and your friends), but really it’s because you were cool enough to bring your sister along and not give a sh*t what anyone else had to say. I was just reflecting on some of our hugely embarrassing but fond memories yesterday and all I can say is…get ready for the best and most humiliating wedding speech ever.

Love you so so SO much. Can’t wait till we (somehow) end up in the same city.


P.S. Sorry for posting this without a heads-up or approval, but I wanted the element of surprise on my side. You’ll probably text me in 30 minutes being like “Awww, love you. But here’s the list of typos I found….”.

P.P.S. Mom, stop crying. We love you enough, you don’t need a sister.

P.P.P.S. Dad, we love you too so stop feeling left out.

P.P.P.P.S. Meeri, we love you too. You’re like the dog sister we couldn’t have been born with because that’s biologically impossible.



Another Long Weekend in NYC

Hey guys, happy Tuesday! May your week fly by!

I’ve been in NYC for the last five days, getting some much needed sissy time with A. Right now, I’m writing this at Mother while she diligently works, but haaay for being a second semester senior (just kidding it actually kicks my ass on the daily, but whatever). Technically I came in town for a bridal shower that her soon-to-be-sisters-in-law threw for her but I, of course, stayed far beyond that and forced her to partake in some NYC adventures with me. We have a ton of fun to share with you, and it’s mostly in the form of pictures (at least they aren’t selfies!).

The (boozy) bridal shower was amazing. The Pai sisters hosted it at this great restaurant in the Lower East Side called Saxon + Parole. We got the back room, delicious food (I’ll take anything with Nutella), and probably the best Bloody Marys ever. A had such a good time that she kept telling everyone it was the best day of her life. I’m sure you’ll all envisioning this was after the unlimited cocktails, but I can assure you, it was before them too 🙂

Image A getting bridal in her tiara – seriously how cute is this sign?

Image A + K

Image(Some of) The Gautam + Pai sisters

The next day (sadly after our cousin S and friend N left), NYC decided to let up and give A and I a little sunshine. So we took to the town. We explored Williamsburg, East Village, Greenwich Village, and ended the day with a FaceTime session with our parents in Union Square.


How cool is this graffiti wall in Williamsburg?


We stopped in this little shop called Flower Power and checked out herbs and oils.



We then hit up Strand Book Store (home to eighteen miles of books) and Alabaster Bookshop (where these photos were taken) because every day should have at least a hint of knowledge in it. And because we love to read.


And then we came home to this guy. Nothin’ like the love of a little pup pup (even if I had to clean his pee a few times).


So thanks, NYC, for another amazing weekend. After some time with family, I now feel refreshed and ready to wrap up the last month of my undergraduate career. That’s a complete lie, I’m not ready, and I don’t want to leave. But hey, I can get through a month, right?

Lots of love,

K (and sort of A who’s next to me but talking advertising)


It’s been just about a week since we got the call from our parents about our cousin’s passing. The last week has been heavy, hard, and deeply sad. Our parents had the opportunity to drive down to Rochester, MN, and spend time with the rest of the family. We had uncles and aunts fly in from India. The support and togetherness must have helped – as much as it could.

K and I had a tough time coping on our own. We weren’t surrounded by family. We couldn’t even be together. But I know K got some amazing support on her end (thanks for that), and besides my fiancé, who I’m convinced is the best comfort-er, having a little puppy to snuggle with and keep my heart warm didn’t hurt.

Fiancé and I have had Kingston for just about 10 days now. He is a handful (I can’t say I wasn’t warned), but he’s getting better. Once he stops chewing my amazing coffee table, and ripping apart my beautiful bamboo footstool, I’m sure I’ll think he’s a perfect angel. For now, though, he’s just like a baby. Can’t control his bladder, getting into mischief, making himself at home, and really owning the role as his human parent’s boss. He’s finally sleeping through the night (rejoice!), but gets so lonely during the work day. We have an amazing dog walker that comes and plays with him during the day – he can’t go outside for another month until he gets his shots – and is working on training him a bit.

The best thing about Kingston, though, is he is so incredibly loving. Already. He loves to snuggle, it makes his day when we pick him up and hold him, and he’s really trying to be a good boy – for the most part. And the emotional support he gives – not even kidding – is wonderful and kind of mind-boggling. Here are some pictures of our first pit stop together 🙂


The Gautam and Pai sisters are all coming to town this weekend, so Kingston will finally get to meet some of his aunts (still eagerly waiting to meet his M Aunt and A Aunt), and his baby cousins. We’re hoping he’s on his best (and cutest) behavior.

Look forward to sharing everything we do this weekend when we’re all together. Looking forward to some quality family time.

Hugs & love, A

The Importance of “I Love You”

I was never the type of person to constantly distribute “I love you’s.” I always took love very very seriously. Reserving it for moments when I was overwhelmed with emotion, and for people who I knew, without a single doubt in my mind, that I loved.

But over the past few years, I’ve noticed myself using it a lot more often. I don’t know what shifted in me, but suddenly I say it every time I hang up the phone with my family (we weren’t always the mushy type), I say it to my fiancé throughout the day (and now to our puppy, too!), I sign off text message exchanges by saying it to my close friends.
Because why not? Why not let people know you love them? Of course love comes in varying degrees, and there may be moments when the people you love don’t deserve your love. But it’s always always better to over-say it (not to the boy you met 48 hours ago – unless it’s really truly that epic – but you know what I mean). It’s always better for people to know that someone loves them. You never know with life.
This week, we lost a member of our family. And as I was reminiscing about all of the times we had spent together, I realized that I had never told him I loved him. How could I not have told him that? He was part of my family. And family is built squarely on love. How could it be that we had hardly spoken in the last year? Was I really that busy that I couldn’t pick up the phone? Or at the least shoot him a text, email, Facebook message?
People often say that you’ve got to have something taken away in order to understand how much it meant to you. But I say eff that philosophy. Relish what you have all the damn time. Think about it, appreciate it, and say it, for God’s sake.
Love you all,