Jointly is a space where we  Ambika & Kaveri, dream, collaborate and do what we love – share through writing.


Through this blog, you’ll get a look into our lives (and the lives of those we love) as we experience some huge moments, and appreciate the smaller ones. We’re also firm believers in building communities and supporting each other, so as we share with you – please feel free to share with us as well. Jointly is a platform open to all.

A bit about us…

Big sister, Ambika (A), works as a Strategy Director at Brand Strategy shop, Wolf & Wilhelmine. She lives in New York with her husband and dog, Kingston. On a daily basis, Ambika balances work, teaching at Parsons, spending time with her family and trying her damnedest to be relatively social and appreciate the Big Apple.

Little sister, Kaveri (K), works as a Strategist at an advertising agency called Droga5, also in New York. Having just turned 25, K is going through the textbook definition for “mid twenties / quarter life crisis” in New York City. She juggles work, family, friends, growing up and learning the right path on the daily.

As sisters, we’ve been inseparable for as long as we can remember. They had always dreamt of being in the same city, but working in the same industry was a destined bonus. Despite their differences in age, outlook, and demeanor, A & K are each other’s best friends.

– Jointly Yours –


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