A’s Year in Review || 2014

To say this year was big would be a colossal understatement. It was huge. More than huge. It completely and utterly altered my life to a point of no return.

This sounds a bit ominous. I don’t mean it to be that way! It was just real. Real life, real changes, real adulthood (the mid-lifers are cackling at me again). It was the best and scariest year of my life. It was the year when responsibility hit me square in the chest. And when I learned to find happiness in others’ happiness. It was a year that took my relationships to a new level. My relationship with Mr. P, of course, but even beyond that. My friendships became deeper, my relationship with my parents became more dynamic, and my relationship with myself matured.

2014 started nonchalantly with a stomach flu in Chicago with my fiancé. We spent the night watching a movie and talking about our upcoming wedding.

Then it became a frantic race to the finish line (and by finish line I really mean a new kind of starting point), July 12th. Through a flurry of occasions, events, sweets, and prayers, we made it to our wedding day. It was easily, easily, the most heart-string-tugging, humbling, dreamy, day of my life. It reminded me of my humanity. What it means to love, and to be loved. And I’ll tell you, it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. Mr. P agrees. He watches our wedding video all the time, and smiles ear to ear the whole way through.


Me, myself, and a cocktail 😉

Handsome hubby

Handsome hubby



First loves of my life

First loves of my life

The best friends a gal could ask for

The best friends a gal could ask for

Be still my heart!

Be still my heart!

Before the wedding, but in the midst of it all, Mr. P and I made the second biggest decision of our LIFE (singular because now our life is shared). Driving to upstate New York to pick up our little Kingston. He’s laying right next to me as I write this. I know I’m biased and all, but he’s so wonderful. So much raw, true love. It’s a wacky and wonderful thing to be a dog mom. And by wacky and wonderful I don’t mean easy! Leaving your dog – whether it’s to travel for an entire week for work, or to go on a luxurious honeymoon – is SO hard. And it never gets easier (because you just love them more and more everyday). So make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into!


A most amazing weekend with the Hamptons with loved friends and dogs.

As if we hadn’t had enough change, 2014 was also the year Mr. P and I made our way out of Manhattan. After the wedding we found an amazing place in Williamsburg. It was the first place we saw – those of you in New York will realize just how wild this is – and I knew we had to have it! Honestly, it’s brought us more joy than I thought it would. It actually feels like a neighborhood. I’m always making this insanely dramatic statement about how it’s “my favorite place I’ve ever lived(!!!!!!),” but it really is. We’re really happy here. Which is why I rock a Brooklyn bridge bracelet now (jk, not all the time, but it’s a gift from a dear friend and I LOVE it).


The move to Brooklyn was also great because it brought us into the same borough as family. And for those of you who know us this is huge. ESPECIALLY when we had two new additions to the family. First a little niece, and then a little nephew, and they are very simply the cherry on top of 2014.

And last but certainly, not at all, least – while we were home visiting family and celebrating the wedding of two great friends, I got an amazing job offer. So amazing that it forced me to propel myself further into the wind-tunnel of change. It should’ve been a total no-brainer, but of course it wasn’t. Because Mother New York, or more specifically, the people at Mother New York, had made their mark on my heart. When I say deep relationships, Mother was no exception. In the middle of the long nights, hard meetings, impossible briefs, I made some amazing friends. Like lifelong amazing (crossed fingers). And although this picture is super weird, it’s so incredibly meaningful. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

MNY <3


2014 had way more… an unforgettable bachelorette party, a beautiful bridal shower, more photoshoots than I will ever be comfortable with, new beginnings, and old endings. Ambika from January 2014 had no idea what was coming her way. But if she did, I think she’d have been thrilled.

Thanks for the ride, 2014. Here’s hoping 2015 holds a flame.




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