Family Friday

To get started on the structural changes we promised last week, we wanted to dedicate this Friday to family. 

Over the last month, we were lucky enough to spend a ton of time with our extended family. People came from near and far to A’s wedding, and literally treated her wedding with such an immense amount of importance. It was as if their own daughter was getting married. Our house doors were constantly swinging open as more and more family members piled in to join the festivities. And while family has always been a huge part of who we are, and a huge part of Jointly, after this summer we’re speechless at the amount of love and support we received. 

Yesterday, we watched as our final houseguests, our maternal grandparents, Nani and Nanoo, packed up and headed back to India. 

As you get older and move further and further away from your where you grew up, you learn to really treasure the time you have with your family. Of course, it’s not always so sweet. There are ups and downs, highs and lows. For example: K’s three day freakout about needing to turn the security system off because the constant in-and-out of our family members was interfering with her precious eight (eleven?) hours of sleep.

But coming home to a full house, being surrounded by people who love you (and who you love back), and always having someone to drink a piping hot cup of chai with, regardless of the hour, is unbeatable. 

So thank you, to everyone for such a memorable summer. Love you all. 


Nanoo doing America right. Photo credit to our uncle, Gagan.

Jointly yours,

A & K


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