Switching Gears

When we first started Jointly, we were sitting in our hotel room in Delhi brainstorming what our blog would mean to us and what it would entail. After pages of notes and hours of discussion, we came to realize a blog would be a huge commitment. We were unsure whether now was the right time to commit, A being busy at work and planning her wedding and K being busy at school, looking for work, and also planning A’s wedding. We decided it wasn’t the right time. But, of course, after choosing a name and building up so much excitement, we reached a consensus and took the leap anyways. 

After the decision, life took off at full speed. I’m not sure where time went, but an hour turned into a day which turned into six months. Before we knew it, here we were, in August. 

Now that life seems to be returning to a more normal (whatever that may be) pace, we’ve decided to return to the basics with Jointly. Jointly was meant to be a life blog. Not your typical “look at how I redecorated this tiny space” or “my Hermes scarf matches this outfit perfectly”, but an actual life blog. We want to show the world that real, working women, who may not necessarily have the funds for a lavish Tumblr lifestyle, can have a life worthy of following. We wanted to be real with you guys, but also use you guys as motivation to keep aspiring for more. 

Enter: Phase II of the Jointly journey. Blog posts will now come in a few different forms…

  1. Monthly city adventures (in NYC and…well…wherever K may be)
  2. Weekly Friday posts (with varying content and titles)
  3. Monthly playlists 
  4. Book/article reviews/POVs
  5. The occasional “Mama Says” – featuring Minnie Gautam 

Of course, because we love to share and “keep it real,” you will still see our life rants, thoughts and musings. Just with a little more structure.

Can’t wait for your guys to take this next step in the Jointly journey with us. We’re excited to start phase two of something that has become such a large part of who we are.

Jointly yours,

A & K


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