DIM (Did It Myself)

I’m going to go ahead and skip over the apologizes for not writing thing time, it seems like all A and I do is apologize for our lack of writing. But I will say, in my defense, that I’ve been battling some severe arm/hand pain for the past two weeks and have thus, been unable to type, write, and even feed myself. That being said, I couldn’t bare to leave you guys hanging any longer. 

What have we been up to?

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been pretty much on bed/couch rest for awhile now. Which has given me ample time to get very well acquainted with HGTV’s current line of shows. A girl can only watch so many Friends reruns (not true, I could watch Friends reruns for years and never tire of them). 

Anyways, my HGTV obsession has led to an entirely new obsession – interior decorating and DIY. Obviously in my current state I can’t be gutting kitchens. So I’ve started a few minor projects for my (in the very near) future apartment. Here’s what (mom and) I did…


And here is how I did it…

Step 1: Collect old bottles and jars of various shapes and spray paint. We chose Rustoleum‘s metallic line and it worked really well! 


 Consider using these bad boys… 

IMG_8788Step 2: Apply spray paint to the bottles and jars. Keep the paint cans 8-10 inches away from bottles/jars and apply coats lightly. If you press too hard, the paint will run and leave drip marks. Mom couldn’t really get the hold of this. 

And here’s how I’ve been using them…

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset


really love them, even though it made my hands feel a lot worse and I don’t have an amazing little city apartment to put them all in (yet)! They were super easy and a great way to repurpose things that are too pretty to be wasted.



Questioning Success

Are there certain writings/sites/blogs/publications you read every day? The newspaper? The New Yorker? A religious text? Buzzfeed? 

I’ve always been a big fan of Brain Pickings. Are you guys familiar with it? It’s Maria Popova‘s amazingly written, beautifully curated, “one woman labor-of-love,” as she calls it. A site that began as a weekly newsletter of interestingness that she sent to seven friends. 

Her mission is simple, and refreshingly self-centered. To chronicle her intellectual, creative, spiritual growth, and examine what it means to lead a good life. Amazing, isn’t it? 

Of late, it seems Maria’s been pondering the concept of success. The difference between a starving artist and a thriving artist. The liberation of following your dreams, versus falling victim to societal expectations of what’s next. The importance of “being a good one,” whatever you may be. 


beauvoir burroughs

How amazing are these illustrations? 

But success & expectations, and looking inside myself to understand what MY take on these two words mean, have been weighing heavy on my mind these days. Thus far, success has always been predicated on how much I’ve has accomplished. Where I went to school, if I graduated with honors, where I worked, where I lived, money (ick). But what about happiness? What about just leading a life that ends in a peaceful night of sleep. Or a day that is serene. Or being present to experience the small, magical moments in life. Or waking up and feeling excited for the day ahead. Why aren’t those factored into “success?” I don’t know, but I’m trying hard to change the way I think about it. Because otherwise, I’ll never be setting myself up for success! I’ll be setting myself up for discontent, feelings of insecurity and insufficiency. And that’s just not cool, guys. If we’re not our own biggest advocates, who will be? 

Just a thought. x


Family Friday

To get started on the structural changes we promised last week, we wanted to dedicate this Friday to family. 

Over the last month, we were lucky enough to spend a ton of time with our extended family. People came from near and far to A’s wedding, and literally treated her wedding with such an immense amount of importance. It was as if their own daughter was getting married. Our house doors were constantly swinging open as more and more family members piled in to join the festivities. And while family has always been a huge part of who we are, and a huge part of Jointly, after this summer we’re speechless at the amount of love and support we received. 

Yesterday, we watched as our final houseguests, our maternal grandparents, Nani and Nanoo, packed up and headed back to India. 

As you get older and move further and further away from your where you grew up, you learn to really treasure the time you have with your family. Of course, it’s not always so sweet. There are ups and downs, highs and lows. For example: K’s three day freakout about needing to turn the security system off because the constant in-and-out of our family members was interfering with her precious eight (eleven?) hours of sleep.

But coming home to a full house, being surrounded by people who love you (and who you love back), and always having someone to drink a piping hot cup of chai with, regardless of the hour, is unbeatable. 

So thank you, to everyone for such a memorable summer. Love you all. 


Nanoo doing America right. Photo credit to our uncle, Gagan.

Jointly yours,

A & K

Newly Married Life

I weirdly feel like this is my debut post. It’s been a while since I’ve been an active participant in Jointly, even though I’ve certainly been around. As you all know – if you’re one of our usuals – I got married just over three weeks ago.

Our wedding was somewhat of a miracle. We did a lot of planning, coordinating, and perfecting, but the weekend itself went off magically. Maybe it was the bride in me, I was obviously riding a huge, gorgeous, life-altering emotional wave, but I think others saw and felt the magic, too. It is cheesy for me to say that it all just felt right? Like it was meant to be? Maybe it’s the newly wed in me. (And now I’m rhyming).


After our wedding, my husband (wuuuttt?), who will from now on be referred to as Mr. P, and I spent twelve days on our honeymoon. A big chunk in Bali, and a smaller bit in Singapore. I never realized how amazing it is to have nothing to think or worry about but the person you love. But it was incredible. My work email was silent (thank you!), my personal email was ignored, and my Instagram was only updated periodically. Silent, secluded, serene perfection.

Now that I’m back, people keep asking me whether life feels different. It’s such a polarizing question, because YES, of course. I am married. My last name on all of my social networks is Pai. Alongside my life-long family, I have a new family. And my “own family.” That’s the weirdest part. One day when people say “your family,” they will mean Mr. P plus whatever presently non-existent members we’ll have by then. That’s very different.

But it also feels the same. I guess after dating for a while you get into a rhythm that can’t really be undone. And I think that’s what makes committing to someone for the rest of time less scary. I asked Mr. P whether he felt like we were married the other day, and he said “NO!” And I don’t really either. We’re still young and in love and living life like it’s just one big experiment. Plus marriage is for old people…



Jams | August 2014

Happy Monday everyone!

Skip the groaning – I’m here to make your Monday…no wait…your August a little better. After days and days of planning, compilation, and editing, I’m ready to release my first playlist to you guys! 


I wanted to give you all a little something for these last fleeting moments of summer. There’s some old and some new, but it’s all gold. 

Here it is

Hope you enjoy it!


Switching Gears

When we first started Jointly, we were sitting in our hotel room in Delhi brainstorming what our blog would mean to us and what it would entail. After pages of notes and hours of discussion, we came to realize a blog would be a huge commitment. We were unsure whether now was the right time to commit, A being busy at work and planning her wedding and K being busy at school, looking for work, and also planning A’s wedding. We decided it wasn’t the right time. But, of course, after choosing a name and building up so much excitement, we reached a consensus and took the leap anyways. 

After the decision, life took off at full speed. I’m not sure where time went, but an hour turned into a day which turned into six months. Before we knew it, here we were, in August. 

Now that life seems to be returning to a more normal (whatever that may be) pace, we’ve decided to return to the basics with Jointly. Jointly was meant to be a life blog. Not your typical “look at how I redecorated this tiny space” or “my Hermes scarf matches this outfit perfectly”, but an actual life blog. We want to show the world that real, working women, who may not necessarily have the funds for a lavish Tumblr lifestyle, can have a life worthy of following. We wanted to be real with you guys, but also use you guys as motivation to keep aspiring for more. 

Enter: Phase II of the Jointly journey. Blog posts will now come in a few different forms…

  1. Monthly city adventures (in NYC and…well…wherever K may be)
  2. Weekly Friday posts (with varying content and titles)
  3. Monthly playlists 
  4. Book/article reviews/POVs
  5. The occasional “Mama Says” – featuring Minnie Gautam 

Of course, because we love to share and “keep it real,” you will still see our life rants, thoughts and musings. Just with a little more structure.

Can’t wait for your guys to take this next step in the Jointly journey with us. We’re excited to start phase two of something that has become such a large part of who we are.

Jointly yours,

A & K