Look Up

Good morning, guys!

So last night as I was hyperventilating about my future (I guess my first day of post-grad life called for an epic freak out), KM showed me this video. He was trying to explain to me why he deleted his Facebook. Even though Facebook is sort of boring now, most people just can’t call it quits. I mean what would we aimlessly scroll through while awkwardly waiting for our friends to meet us up? I think at the most I lasted 3 months without one.

But when I saw this video it really hit me. I even teared up, although I’m not sure if that was more because of the post-grad freak out or the video. I was thinking about it, and so many movies begin with someone randomly bumping into someone or asking them a question. But these days, I know I avoid contact with all strangers. And most of the time I do get weirded out and even scared when a random person on the train talks to me.

KM said that he went to Panera earlier in the day and purposely left his phone at home. He sat by the window and just had some good ol’ me time. He said he took note of the people passing by and of about fifty people, only two were not absorbed in some form of technology. 4%.

In our effort to constantly keep up with our friends, we miss out on the opportunity to meet new ones and actually live in the moment. We need to look up.

Hopefully you take the five minutes out of your (dreary) Monday to watch this video because it truly is eye-opening.




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