Friday Fancies

We’re going to get cheesy this Friday, and channel lifestyle bloggers far and wide. If you couldn’t tell from the alliteration, this is going to be a list of what we’re fancying. I know. You’re over shit like this. But I promise it won’t be nail-polish, $700 jeans, or trips to Tulum that we fancy (although all of these things sound just wonderful).

What we fancy this Friday:


1. The Greatest Good

Not going to bother with comparisons here, this is the greatEST.

Insight: People would love to donate more to a good cause than just money. But sometimes, they just don’t have the time to volunteer.
Idea: Greatest Good helps partner thought-leaders – teachers, authors, sociologists, etc. – with people who could benefit from their learnings. It allows them to donate their thinking, in 30-minute time-slots, to help companies & individuals solve problems, get inspired, and do better. My good friend Saneel is the founder – so we know this is going to be really good. Spread the good word!


2. Thing Industries

A friend at Mother, Bridie, started this amazing little creative shop. Her and her biz partner Matt are passionate about designing, making, and producing things. We’ve been after this unreal birdhouse bookshelf for ages. Also, the Hairy Thing(!!!!).


1. Mixing silks, chunky sweaters, and jewels to stay warm and keep wardrobes looking fresh.


4. All-woman Motorcycle gangs in Morocco are sick. And know how to do patterns.



1. Ms. Betty’s Original Bad Ass Bitch Soy Candle (Any F’n Scent I Want)

Okay, so I have an obsession with candles. I keep begging my mom to buy me more because, well, they’re expensive and I’m a broke college student. But I think I may just have to dig into my mostly-empty wallet and purchase this one because, PLEASE, “Bad-Ass Bitch”…amazing.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 9.46.29 AM

2. Frends “Layla” Headphones

I’ve been dying for a good pair of headphones (in rose gold). Of course, my Apple ones work just fine. But I literally am plugged into tunes all day. Soo…I really deserve to splurge on these, right? (if anyone agrees with me I’ll actually go buy them)

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.07.32 AM

3. LEAF – Living Eating and Fashion

So my very cool friend, R (you’ll hear more about her later, but she’s totally kick-ass and also the designer of our lovely logo) introduced me to this amazing and beautiful blog. We actually sat in her bed for hours during one of the “snowed in” days and watched their videos for hours. Want to learn how to make amazing cocktails? Cook an actual meal? Make your braid look professional rather than an eleven-year-old school girl’s? These lovely ladies got you.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.33.12 AM

4. This quote that is probably the most wonderful thought anyone ever had:

Even if you come home late and I’m already asleep, just whisper in my ear one little thought you had today. Because I love the way you look at the world. And I’m so happy I get to be next to you and look at the world through your eyes.

– Theodore Twombly, Her

And of course…in the spirit of Valentine’s day…you! Yes. We fancy you.

Jointly yours,

A & K


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