I Just…Can’t

But…I literally can’t.

One of my oldest friends, M, always makes fun of the way I talk. I actually think he’s been doing it since I was an awkward 85 pound fourteen-year-old with braces, so it’s really nothing new and I never take it to heart. Plus I make fun of his frat-boy antics just as much!

Anyways, recently I was texting him about something and my response was, “I can’t.” And he was like, “You can’t what, Kaveri?” Then he went into this huge long prologue about how “chiggs” (that’s what he calls girls…don’t ask me, I clearly don’t understand today’s slang. I’m still like “Wow! That’s so neat!”) always say “I can’t even” and he just doesn’t understand what we can’t do. And my response was, “Deal.” I can’t even deal!

There are a few versions of it, actually…

When something’s funny – I just can’t

When something’s sad – I really cannot

When something is hard – I can’t deal

When something is unbelievable – I can’t even

But after reading, and hysterically laughing at this link, I realized, this needs to stop! Honestly, I couldn’t even find a way to react because first I started typing “OMG dying” and then I was like ahh no. Then I started typing “I can’t.” Seriously?!

The best part? I sent it to all my friends and all of their reactions were along the lines of “Hahaha I can’t!”

I’m not sure where this trend came from or why it even came from anywhere. All I know is that it needs to end.

But I just can’t.

Hope your day is filled with flawfection,



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